Computer Science for Iowa

A joint project with NewBoCo & DeltaV Code School

Iowa has recently increased its efforts to bring Computer Science courses to K-12 students. NewBoCo is invested in this initiative, and is working to create a more accurate picture of implementation in Iowa schools. Some of the resources shown on this site include results from an ongoing survey for schools to share what, if anything, they are offering for Computer Science.

Feel free to explore the current data, and if you think the information is incorrect, you can fill out the survey ( and we'll gladly update it!

The chart on the right is a visual representation of all disctricts that have responded to our question: Do You Teach Computer Science?

The Legend for the color fields is as follows:

  • Gray Districts = Did not respond
  • Red Districts = 0–25% responded
  • Yellow Districts = 26–74% responded
  • Blue Districts = 75–100% responded